Things to Consider While Buying an Emerald

Buying an emerald is quite simpler as compared to buying a diamond. When you buy a diamond, you mainly look for the brilliance. On the other hand, color is the major factor to be taken into consideration while buying an emerald. Nevertheless, there are some other matters too that you can take into the account.


Although color is the major factor when the value of many gemstones is weighed, the way it is considered for emerald is quite assertive. Having that said, the huge part of emerald’s value depends upon color of this gem. The emerald can be vibrant, dull, or somewhere in between.

The color can be broken into three categories, i.e. hue, tone and saturation.

The hue is defined the presence of additional shade in the green color. For instance, yellowish green and bluish green are the two examples of emerald’s hue.

Emerald tone is defined as the lightness and darkness of the emerald. The tones of natural emeralds lie in between very light and very dark. It may be worth addressing a major confusion here that many people have. Many people tend to think the darker the tone is, the greater the value would be. However, it’s not always the case.

Another category in color of the emerald is its saturation. Saturation refers to strength and intensity of color, and this is the factor which is taken into consideration while evaluation. An emerald can lie between dull and pure vivid when we talk about its saturation.


The clarity of emeralds is a factor which defines grades of this gemstone. Having that said, we need to look at the number and amount of inclusions in the emerald when we weigh its clarity. The fewer are the inclusions, the clearer the emerald would be. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that even emerald with maximum clarity is going to have inclusions at some level. In fact, you should be suspicious about the authenticity of an emerald if it is absolutely free of inclusions.

Having said about the inclusions, you need to look at the types of inclusions in the emerald. Inclusions which look like bubbles and the ones arranged in specific order make the emerald quite undesirable. Moreover, you have to make sure that inclusions are deeper under the surface and are necessarily not the fractures because an emerald is more breakable as compared to other stones.


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